In a tournament riddled with unique challenges, including moving targets and treestand shots, Scott Archery and Custom Bow Equipment shooter Joseph Goza took to the Buckmasters Top Bow field with confidence, winning the competition and earning the $15,000 payout. Scott Archery and CBE teammate, Brandon Shehan (Scott Archery Longhorn Hunter, CBE TEK Hybrid Pro), finished the tournament in third place.

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Nathan Brooks: Target Panic Drills

Being consistently accurate is what all bowhunters, target archers and recreational shooters desire. Unfortunately, most believe it is related to their equipment when they are struggling. And it’s just a guess but I’d venture to say that 95% of all upgrades in purchases of equipment are driven by the mentality of “it will make me better.”  

Buying accuracy is something that is legitimate; you can purchase better equipment and shoot better scores by becoming more accurate. But I think the question that really needs to be asked first is: “am I as accurate with my current equipment as possible?” 

Most of the time that answer is NO!

But, would you use another piece of equipment more consistently which will bring more accuracy?

Soul searching is always a good thing, and being completely honest with ourselves is sometimes really hard to do. Or it could be that we aren’t even sure what being completely honest with ourselves is even about when it comes to archery. From this point I could go in a number of directions with this article but I want to focus in on one area: Target Panic!

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Darrin Christenberry: Best Releases for Target Panic

Target panic to me, is a mental issue that is just a fear of failure. It basically is just the inability to put your sight pin on the target and execute a shot without anticipation of missing. Some people start shooting a bow with target panic and some archers develop it over time - either way, it's extremely common and most archers will face it at one time or another.

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The first stage of the World Cup concluded in Medellin, Colombia with hardware being added to Scott Archery and Custom Bow Equipment shooter, Braden Gellenthien and JP Boulch’s mantles, while thousands of miles away Jacob Marlow and Emily McCarthy competed to podium finishes at the third Archery Shooters Association tournament of the year in Paris, Texas.

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Pro Tips: Hinge Click or No Click

As a pro archer for Scott Archery, I'm often asked if I use a click or no click on my hinge release. Personally I shoot a click on my hinges, because I use the click to start my shot. What I mean by that is I draw back and start getting into my anchor and my release should click, at that point I start aiming and going through my shot. Doing this helps me start from the same point each shot and I also do not waste any time aiming. 

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Pro Tips: Finding the "Right" Release Fit

In my opinion, a surprise release creates the most accurate results. That’s why I choose to shoot a back tension style release. A person can execute all different styles of releases (hingewrist strap, or thumb button) with true back tension, causing surprise releases. However, when choosing a new release, you’ll want to find one that fits very comfortably in your hand. Generally, a smaller hand will feel more comfortable with a smaller release. Consistency is very important part of ones shot, so pick the most comfortable releases and learn to shoot it the same—until you can reproduce the same feeling release over, and over, and over again.

Emily's top picks: Advantage, Mini Advantage

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Pro Tips: Setting Hunting Releases

Setting a release for hunting can be a fairly simple process. There are so many different releases out there and so many different ways to set them, but it all comes down to comfort. Being comfortable with a release to hunt with is just like being comfortable with a release to compete with, or even just practice with in your back yard. I personally use a Scott Longhorn Hunter in the woods and I set it as close to my tournament release as possible. That way my shot process stays as close to what I do all year round for benefits on both ends.

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Pro Tips: Hunting Release Options

Over the years I have shot all different styles of releases for hunting. A few years ago, I began shooting the Scott Longhorn Hex, and fell in love with it. I’ve had great success with all different types of hunting releases, but the Hex keeps me honest when the moment I’ve been waiting all fall for finally comes. I spend most of my time practicing and competing with a hinge style release or a “back tension” and the Hex gives me the same feel of a hinge. The Hex is a mixture of a hinge style and a wrist strap release and is designed with a wrist strap with a rope lanyard that attaches to a pivot point on the release. This pivot point allows the release to be drawn without the worry of a misfire. This is exactly the style of release that I was looking for.

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Pro Tips: Switching to Handheld Releases

I started shooting a bow at the age of 16, and just like everyone in my town, started with a wrist strap release, as we were limited to the inventory that the local dealer offered (there were no BassPro, Cabela’s, Walmarts) no options for us to even try to play with a different style of release. I shot my first ASA in Roanoke,VA 25 years ago and that was when I was able to pick up my first hand held release at one of the vendors there. Now 25 years later, you can go to any sporting goods and they are everywhere.

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Braden Gellenthien: Onto the World Cup Final

The World Cup in Berlin was a bittersweet event for me. Individually, I had a rough go but I got things in motion for the team round where Team USA brought home the silver medal! Fellow Scott Archery Pro Staffer Kris Schaff and I fought hard, along with teammate Steve Anderson, during the preliminary matches and found ourselves shooting for gold in the finals on Saturday. 

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