Braden Gellenthien: Onto the World Cup Final

The World Cup in Berlin was a bittersweet event for me. Individually, I had a rough go but I got things in motion for the team round where Team USA brought home the silver medal! Fellow Scott Archery Pro Staffer Kris Schaff and I fought hard, along with teammate Steve Anderson, during the preliminary matches and found ourselves shooting for gold in the finals on Saturday. 

braden close

Photo via World Archery

As we walked onto the finals venue, we noticed a few condition changes that would affect arrow flight, so we made the proper adjustments and went to work. My CBE Vertex sight held true and I ended up hitting the 10 on seven of my eight shots. In the end, Croatia edged us out - but I feel more motivated than ever for the upcoming World Cup Final.

Although the Final rests 2 months away, my focus is already upon it. My training plan is to alternate sessions between my Scott Blackhole IV and my Scott Sigma. Switching releases allows me to feel more comfortable while aiming and executing - and avoid anticipation issues. The backtension release makes it easier for me to feel comfortable executing the shot with sight movement - while the Sigma provides me with a much crisper and cleaner shot “feel” on days where wind isn’t a factor.

The excitement over qualifying for the final has renewed my drive and I plan to take full advantage of that over the next several weeks as we wrap up the outdoor season. That excitement combined with the precision and accuracy I gain with my Scott releases and CBE sights gives me the confidence I need to perform with the upmost confidence.

braden kris

Photo via World Archery

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