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Chance Beaubouef

With more than 35 National Titles under his belt, Chance Beaubouef is among the winningest archers in history. As an Elite, Scott, and CBE Pro Staffer, Chance shares tips, tricks, and techniques in between his pursuits of a podium position.

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Chance Beaubouef: Target Panic

Jun 5, 2019 2:40:39 PM / by Chance Beaubouef posted in Pro Tips


He has more than 35 national wins under his belt with a bowhunting career to match - so you can bet Elite Archery's Chance Beaubouef has seen it all, including target panic. We asked Chance to weigh in on the topic and share what he thinks is the root cause of this all-too-common problem, and more importantly: how to solve it.

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Pro Tips: Hunting Release Options

Nov 21, 2018 11:35:00 AM / by Chance Beaubouef posted in Pro Tips


Over the years I have shot all different styles of releases for hunting. A few years ago, I began shooting the Scott Longhorn Hex, and fell in love with it. I’ve had great success with all different types of hunting releases, but the Hex keeps me honest when the moment I’ve been waiting all fall for finally comes. I spend most of my time practicing and competing with a hinge style release or a “back tension” and the Hex gives me the same feel of a hinge. The Hex is a mixture of a hinge style and a wrist strap release and is designed with a wrist strap with a rope lanyard that attaches to a pivot point on the release. This pivot point allows the release to be drawn without the worry of a misfire. This is exactly the style of release that I was looking for.

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